Symptoms of whiplash (or Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration) include pain, decreased range of motion tightness in the neck and back, and sensory disturbance (feeling of pins and needles on skin). If a vertebra is twisted as the result of a whiplash, one can lose their sense of balance, be unable to stand upright and find themselves suddenly laying on the ground face-first. The muscles may feel hard or knotted. There may be pain when rocking the head from side to side or headaches at the base of the skull that radiate toward the forehead. It is also possible to sustain a brain injury from whiplash (coup-contra-coup).



A common cause is an auto accident injuring the driver of the front vehicle when rear-ended by another vehicle. It can also happen in other contact sports like football, boxing, martial arts, soccer, and hockey, as well as in downhill skiing accidents. Whiplash has also been experience in various rides in amusement parks. Any impact or blow that causes the head to jerk forward or backward can cause whiplash. The sudden force stretches and tears the muscles and tendons in the neck and can de-form and hyper-extend the cervical spine.

Power Massage Treatment:

Pain-reducing medications, massage and chiropractic adjustments are common treatments for back pain. At Power Massage, we use a form of neuro-muscular reeducation and by working with our clients, together we can achieve immediate results that have been unavailable before. We do this by reducing muscle inflammation and elongating the muscles which gives us the results your looking for.

Not all massage is the same. The neuro-muscular technique used by our staff of professional therapists has been very effective for many of our patients. Here is what Karen has to say:

“I would like to thank you for the Power Massage that I received. My body was very tense and after my car accident I couldn’t move my neck all the way to either side without it hurting. After one appointment you loosened up my neck and my breathing got better from not having so many stress points in my back. You communicated and educated me throughout the process which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for taking the pain out of my body.”

-Karen Capra