Tennis or Golf Elbow


Tennis elbow or golfers elbow is the inflammation of the upper arm, both inside and outside the elbow that results in elbow pain. You do not need to play tennis or golf to have this condition. Tennis elbow typically has pain on the outside of the elbow and golfers elbow is pain experienced on the inside of the elbow.

Pain may occur slowly or abruptly. You may feel the pain increase when you try to open a jar, shaking hands or squeezing an object. Pain can occur also when you are moving your fist with force such as lifting heavy objects.


Repetitive motion and overuse of arm and hand muscles are the leading causes of tennis elbow. It can also be caused by an abrupt or subtle injury to the muscle and tendon area around the elbow. Sometimes the symptoms begin gradually, starting as a dull ache and comes and goes and other times it happens abruptly. This will progressively get worse and eventually the paint does not go away. Every time the pain happens, it continues to traumatize the tendons, creating more pain with micro tears.


Pain-reducing medications, massage and chiropractic adjustments are common treatments for back pain. At Power Massage, we use a form of neuro-muscular reeducation and by working with our clients, together we can achieve immediate results that have been unavailable before. We do this by reducing muscle inflammation and elongating the muscles which gives us the results your looking for.

Not all massage is the same. The neuro-muscular technique used by our staff of professional therapists has been very effective for many of our patients. Here is what Lisa has to say:

“I have been going to Bob for the past few years and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone. Bob is very knowledgeable and also makes it a point to learn what you need in a massage treatment and remembers what works for you. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!”

-Lisa Default