Knee Pain


One of the most common complaints today is knee pain. The knees are the largest joints in the body. There is a large variety of knee pain with symptoms ranging from mild to severe and be acute or chronic. The pain can be felt during activity as well as at rest. It can be a radiating pain both above and below the knee and can sometimes be felt on the inside as well as the outside of the knee.

Knee injuries include breaks and fracture of the kneecap, dislocations, sprains of the tendons or ligaments, tears in the meniscus,


A large number of injuries happen not only while participating in sports (running, gymnastics, jumping are just a few examples). Injuries also happen in the performance of many jobs.

In addition to injuries, knee pain can result from severe bending or twisting of the knee, or the knee receiving a hit by some outside object or force. It can also happen in the course of every day life including aging, falls, climbing up stairs or ladders, being overweight, even an extended period of picking up things on the floor or the ground.

Some knee pain is caused by specific diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendinitis, Osteoporsis, OsteoArthritis, Bursitis, and Osgood Schlatter Disease.

Certain people are more prone to knee injuries than others. Those who are engaged in jogging or recreational running, especially on hard surfaces, can damage their knees over time. Much depends on the style of running, with Chi running being one of the forms that do the least damage.


Knee injuries and pain are frequently treated with medications, physical therapy, and in severe cases with surgery. Self-treatment is usually performed by just resting the knee for a few days.

At Power Massage, we use a form of neuro-muscular reeducation and by working with our clients, together we can achieve immediate results that have been unavailable before. We do this by reducing muscle inflammation and elongating the muscles which gives us the results your looking for.

Not all massage is the same. The neuro-muscular technique used by our staff of professional therapists has been very effective for many of our patients. Here is what Ralf has to say:

“I did a lot of bicycle riding during the summer and noticed that my leg muscles were losing flexibility and the tendons shortened. This impacted my ability to ride with a high pedal frequency over longer periods of time and achieve maximum speed during sprints. After four sessions with Bob, my leg muscles were noticeably more flexible and I noticed the improved ability to ride longer periods without fatigue and with a higher pedal frequency. It made quite a difference! Thank You, Bob.”

-Ralf S. D., Shoreview, MN