Tension and stress headaches are not uncommon with today’s adult population considering the fast pace of living we experience today. They can feel like your head is being squeezed by a vise,

Such headaches can be experienced as a constant pain and others come and go over time. You can feel the pressure or pain on the top of the head, the forehead and/or the sides of the head.

Tension headaches can also cause pain in the neck and base of the head. Headaches can last 30 minutes or longer. They tend to come more frequently in mid-day, can vary in the threshold of pain throughout the day, or be experienced during the entire day. People who experience these headaches are still usually able to do their daily work and activities.

Stress and tension headaches can become a chronic condition, lasting up to 90 days and occurring more than 15 days each month.


The causes of tension headaches can vary, but most common is tight muscles within the upper back, neck and base of the skull. This tightness can be a result of anxiety, defective posture, sleeping in a position that bends the neck, overexertion, fatigue, fearful thoughts about potential future events or circumstances, low self esteem, lack of sleep, encounters with others that generate negative emotions, unfulfilled expectations, unsatisfying relationships and lack of close positive relationships, and separation from loved ones. Chronic headaches can occasionally be traced to over- or under-treatment of a primary headache.

Other lifestyle causes include smoking, overindulging in drugs or alcohol, sinus infections, and withdrawal from nicotine or caffeine.


Pain-reducing medications, massage and chiropractic adjustments are common treatments for back pain. At Power Massage, we use a form of neuro-muscular reeducation and by working with our clients, together we can achieve immediate results that have been unavailable before. We do this by reducing muscle inflammation and elongating the muscles which gives us the results your looking for.

Not all massage is the same. The neuro-muscular technique used by our staff of professional therapists has been very effective for many of our patients. Here is what Christine has to say:

I met Bob when I was suffering from some anxiety and depression and the generalized body pain that is often associated with it. His technique, and sensitivity to my situation, provided tremendous relief. Although it is called “Power Massage” there is also the element of holistic understanding and compassion in combination with massage to promote rapid healing and recovery.

-Christine J., Medical Professional- University of Minnesota