Frequently Asked Questions about Power Massage

Q. Where did neuro muscular re-education massage originate?

This is an ancient technique the source of which has been lost through time and only recently rediscovered. Neuromuscular re-education in the today’s medical world is typically the performance of exercises that can restore balance, coordination, orientation and proprioception (one’s perception of the relative movement of body parts). But its true origins trace back to when it was applied as a massage technique.

Q. Is it easy to do and understand?

It is easy to understand. To do? Many people can do deep muscle work, but cannot achieve the results we do. We are changing the muscle tissue.

Q. What type of injuries do you have success with?

We have been very successful with soft tissue trauma which is the source of most physical pain not associated with disease. Examples include low back and hip strain, whiplash, pulled ham string, shin splints, tennis elbow, quad muscle pull, knee pain, pulled calf’s, planter fasciitis and similar injuries.

Q. When will the client feel the difference?

The client should feel a difference immediately. Common after-effects are a looser, lighter feeling, increases in range of motion and balance, and decreased or even absence of pain.