Power Massage MN

POWER MASSAGE is a unique and innovative approach to health and wellness.

Power Massage uses neuro-muscular reeducation massage to achieve results that have not been achieved before. This type of technique can only be found at Power Massage. Sometimes in as little as 30 minutes. Imagine coming in with pain and leaving without. You should see results starting after your first visit.

For thousands of years, the power of touch has been considered an important part of the healing process for people suffering from a wide variety of ailments all over the world. The manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body through massage is one of the most popular therapies.

At Power Massage, we take it a step further by helping your body re-educate your muscles so that you experience changes that often are alleviated completely.

Power Massage Is For Everyone! For the athlete: Whether professional, semi-pro, collegiate, high school, or the weekend warrior: Power Massage can enhance agility, endurance, speed, range of motion, and recovery time.

For everyone (and we mean everyone!) else: Power Massage can enhance your well-being. Whether it’s those daily aches and pains or unexpected injuries.

Power Massage can make the difference in returning to your normal activities.

No matter who you are Power Massage;

“Keeps You in the Game!”


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